Employees are coached to apply continuous improvement tools and problem solving methods to health systems on a daily basis. This daily focus is combined with facilitated projects to improve patient outcomes through higher quality, reduced costs, and elimination of non-value-added process wastes.

Keys to Lean Healthcare East continuous improvement training and coaching:

  • Maximize value to the customer (patient) by maximizing the value of employees
  • Employees are taught and coached to apply continuous improvement tools daily through work on actual projects
  • Employees are the experts at their jobs and must drive small improvements that lead to big results
  • Continuous improvement is not a program but a way of life

Why us?

Lean improvement principles are currently being used worldwide to improve healthcare outcomes, reduce costs and improve the effectiveness of healthcare delivery. Our team has facilitated multiple organization-wide Lean transformations in manufacturing and healthcare. Lean is not about layoffs or running the organization on a shoestring. Lean is a management strategy that focuses on continually improving the processes that deliver value to the patient.

The top reasons clients hire Lean Healthcare East:

  • Experience: We have led numerous projects for healthcare organizations and entire transformations in related industries and are experienced and proven experts in Lean Six Sigma and process improvement methodologies. We provide training and coaching in the use of these powerful tools for improvement and will look at your issues with a fresh set of eyes, sharing best practices across industries and functions.
  • Project methodology: Lean Healthcare East uses a results-driven project plan to establish clear directions and actions that focus the team on achieving credible goals. As impartial facilitators, we are positioned to cut through political barriers and ignore the "sacred cows." In fact, we are often asked to manage team meetings to ensure staff efficiency and a focus on results.
  • Share the workload: Requiring your physicians, nurses and staff to mount extra effort when they already bear a full workload can result in shoddy work and unsatisfied customers. Lean Healthcare East will devote full attention to your project for quicker, more certain results. We also support data collection and analysis for cost improvement tracking.
  • Implement results: Many business consultants write a report telling you what you are doing wrong and then leave. Lean Healthcare East will instead work with the team to identify solutions that address root causes, and then roll up our sleeves to prove that those actions result in real savings. We strive for a 10X ROI on all of our projects and stand behind our work.